Tattoo & body piercing studio

Bodystain was originally started in 1985. Back then, tattooing was still evolving and its popularity had not reached a mainstream clientele. There were only three tattoo shops in Columbus, Ohio and Bodystain was one of them. The studio has built an solid reputation over the years, is listed as an A+ Certified business and received countless other awards. We typically tattoo/pierce an average of 10-12 people a day for the last 29 years. With that history, longevity, knowledge and reputation, you could see how we're the premier shop in Central Ohio!

Body piercings are on a walk-in basis only, so stop on in!  We prefer to work by appointment on tattoos, but walk-ins are also welcome.  Come in for a consultation and pick an artist for your style of design.

Open everyday
12noon to 7pm!